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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Elise Kitchen Apron Pattern

I wanted to share this with you. It is a new pattern for me. It is a fabulous kitchen apron that is now available. It is a section on my website that I have been slowly trying to get together. I love aprons. I have many people in my family who cook so I was inspired by them and of course "Neena" who is my mother.
The back of the apron has a wonderful tie. I think the bow adds a touch of feminine quality to an apron. I just love the full size bow. The waist band is very slimming.
The dish towel loop is what gives this apron the special feature that a lot of aprons out there do not have. You are always on the hunt for that dish cloth, keep it by your side always. It is perfectly positioned. No need to keep it on the counter or over the cabinet door. It is right there for you.
This pattern is so very easy to make and comes in all sizes, small to extra large. Makes a great gift as well. You can see more about this apron here at:
There will be more added to this page so keep stopping by. Thank you, Jackie

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