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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have not been blogging much lately, I got a terrible cold. Still have it. Not as bad as it was but good heavens, it put me out of commission for a week, if not longer. All of my creative juices sorta got put away for a while and now they are pouring out like tomato juice. lol..
I have already made a new bag pattern, oh my goodness it is adorable. I am not able to show you yet because I am still working on photos for the pattern cover and then all of the other stuff that goes along with it. I will have it featured in my July news letter along with a new apron pattern. Yes I have been very busy. If you have not signed up for my news letter you may want to so you can see them first:
I promise you will not be disappointed.
Have a great day!

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