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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Geisha Girl Tote Bag

This is a beautiful Geisha tote bag. It is quite large, so if you like big bags this is definitely the one for you. The outside of this bag is a beautiful geisha with so many beautiful colors. I enhanced the geisha with free form machine quilting. It is stitched along her entire head and clothing. I added to her head dress a beaded applique, it become the perfect addition to the entire bag. It gives it so much character and dimension. I chose to use a loop over a button closure. The button is a vintage looking gold swirl. I love the top of the bag the way it dips down in the center of the bag. It adds lot of style. The structure of the bag is medium, which means it is not very floppy. The shoulder strap is a double handle. The back of this bag is black and has free form machine quilting over the entire bag. The inside of the bag is done is a heavy weight gold material with a small black square in a uniform pattern over the entire inside of the is fabulous bag. Inside is pockets to keep toy organized. They are rather close to the top so you do not have to reach to far to retrieve your important things.
This is a fabulous bag for everyday, shopping or an over night somewhere.
If you love big bags this is definitely one for you. It is on my website: