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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheetah tote bag, luscious and soft

This is a very beautiful soft and luscious bag. The fabric is soft to the touch. It is tote bag with a cheetah print liner and accents with brown. It has a single pocket the is divided. The bottom is hard to it is not saggy. I made a brown double shoulder strap. The brown is the same as the liner.
I did not add a closure to it. I really did not feel the need. Sometimes you just do not need one. This bag is deep enough if you carry a small enough of items.
I mad this bag for my self. I plan to make more that are similar. For now, this will be my fall bag.
Until I find another fabric I can not live with out. :0)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peacock Clutch Bag

This bag is just exquisite. Black on gold in a peacock feather print. The fabric is soft and has a slight texture to it.
The large flap is a micro fiber with a snap closure.
The inside liner is a natural tone cheetah print. It has a single pocket that is divided.
This bag is fabulous for all occasions. You can dress
it up or down. Take it any where you will look fabulous!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Feathered Frindge Bag

This bag makes me happy. Really anything that has to do with feathers does. I just love them. They have such an elegance about them.
The base of this bag is dark blue denim, The first row of trim is a flapper black trim at the bottom. The next row is the frilly flapper trim then the row of black Emu feathers. Lastly on the front a beaded floral design to give it a touch of class.
The liner in the bag is coordinating wine, gold and green paisley print with two pockets that are divided to hold all the important things.
The bag is a snap closure. The body of the bag is stiff. Meaning it will not collapse, it has structure and it keeps it shape perfectly.
I truly love this bag. You can find it on my website

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Elegant Swan Handbag

This bag is just so beautiful, I am proud to call this one from me. There is not another like it.
The swan is detailed in machine embroidery in a shiney gold thread. Took me forever! :0) Well worth it's time. The back of the bag is free form machine quilting. It adds so much character to the bag rather then it being flat.
The bag is full of structure. It is a stiff bag and will not collapse. The double handle is a short to hold in your hand. The closure is a flap with a vintage pin. Perfect accessory. The inside of the bag is lined in black with pockets. Every girl has to stay organized. This bag is so beautiful, just love it, full of class and beauty.
You can find this bag on my website

Fun and Frilly Shoulder Bag

This bag I have made for myself. I just love the fringe, it is so carefree and fun.
This bag is made from a pair of my old jeans. The entire bag is made with it including the shoulder strap. The bottom of the bag is hard for stability, I do not like a saggy bag. I like structure.
It has a snap closure and pockets on the inside for all of my things. I am going to make this bag again except differently. I never make the same bag twice. That would not be a "One of a Kind" bag. :0)
The fringe itself is so stricking and fun, I have a bunch of this in many different colors and styles.
Can't wait to make the next one! :0)
Thank you for looking.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Denim Pocket Bag

This is a new bag. I have made several of them. They are extremely fun to carry. All it is, a pocket from an old pair of jeans. It has two pockets total. It has a closure of a loop over a vintage style beaded button.
This bag has two rows of flashy frilly fringe. Complete with dangle beads and eye lash trim. Beautiful shades of gold and brown tones.
The handle is beaded and is short to hold.
You can put just about anything in this adorable bag. Cell, keys, lipstick, money, credit cards etc....
Great gift for anyone who like to carry a small bag or a quicky little bag just to go out in.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Sparkle Evening Bag

This is my Black Sparkle Evening bag I have made for a friend. The bag it self is full of tiny irridecent sparles that shine in any light. The base fabric is black with a silver swirl design.
The inside of this bag is black with a floral swirl design. The liner has a pocket.
The closure is a loop over a vintage crystal type button.
The bag structure is stiff, meaning it holds it's shape very well. No sag in this bag.
The strap is a double shoulder strap which can also be used as a handbag.
If I was to sell this bag it will be posted at $55.00.

Fun Fringe Tote Bag

This bag is so fun with all of it's layers and layers of trim.
The base of this bag is dark brown with frilly fringe that wrap all over the entire bag. It has multiple shades of colors in natural tones. The handles are carved with a old vintage look to them in a light lime green shade.
This is a tote bag so it has no closure on it. I used a natural shaded peacock print liner with two pockets, one is divided. In all you have three.
Finnally I added a beaded flower on the front to give it an extra splash of class.
This bag is fantastic and so fun to carry around.
This bag is on my website at
This fun bag is also featured on Labeana PurseWare, this is direct link for you: