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Friday, September 11, 2009

So much going on with me...

First I am proud to show you my poohbear. This is her with her very first horse butter cup. She is gorguse palamino mare.
I am not able to bring her home yet. We are still working on getting the fence up and the barn. I tell ya, if you have never done this before, it is a lot of work. First the permits then the labor. Oh my goodnes... But in all it will be worth it.
Next I just found out yesterday that a very good friend of our family has diabeties. That was huge for us. So I am helping is wife and we are going to work together to conquer this. I have been doing a lot of research for recpies for healthy eating etc... there is a lot of information out there. That is wonderful.
Good news!! My patterns are in another quilt shop, Fireside Quilts, here is the link: . Fabulous store. Stop by if you ever have the time. Tell her Jackie sent ya.
Have a great day.

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creative idea guru said...

Hi Jackie,
Your daughter is so lucky to have a horse at her age. I didn't have my first til I was in my 20's. My first, ya just never forget your first or your last. They just listen to every bad thing that goes on in your life and never breathe a word to anyone. It may just be the best investment you ever make for reasons you may never know.