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Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Wedding Gown

This is my beautiful gown. It has been years since I have seen it. It has been at my moms house. She was house cleaning and it was stored there. It was still in the original zip bag you get when you buy it at the store. So I pulled it out last night and decided to look at it. I just love my dress.
It is amazing house skinny I was. A 28" wasit lol.. Not anymore but I am working on it. I have a goal of loosing 55 pounds this summer. It is tuff. I love the beaded work and the way the satin was folded to create the rose buds. You can see a lot of work was done to make this dress.

The back of the dress has this adorable bow with beads on it as well. I did not get any alterations done to this dress, I made my self to fit this dress. I did not want the alterations lady to touch it. I was not sure of her ability and it was perfect the way it was. $728.00 for the gown is a lot of money to put towards it and I did not want anyone to make any mistakes. lol..
The dress is so beautiful, you should have seen my daughters face when I brought it out, she says mom, you fit into that, what happened? lol Oh kids you just got to love them.
The entire bottom of the dress has the rose buds through dress to pull the while thing together. There are rows and rows of tulle to make it flow and beautiful.
For a time I made bridal bags. When I find the pictures I will post them.
I am glad I was able to share this with you.

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Carla said...

Very beautiful gown! I borrowed mine LOL