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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fay The All in One Bag

Most of you may or may not know that I live in Florida. In Florida we have many many hurricanes. I have to say, if you have never witnessed one, it is quite the experience. Sometimes you have to evacuate, sometimes you don't. It really depends on the category of the storm.
Well 2 years ago, one decided to come to Florida and never leave. She was not a very high category so most of us were not evacuated. But one thing they do not predict is the amount of rain. Sure they can give you there estimate, but lets face it, lol it is never on target. Hurricane Fay decided to pay us a visit one year and never leave. The rain she placed in Florida was unbelievable and left me and my family flooded in. Sooo as I sit there starring at my sewing machine and computer my husband says hey Jack, why don't you put a bag together that is named after the hurricane. I thought that was a great idea! So here she is "Fay" hurricane inspired bag. lol..
Fay was designed with you in mind who loves to have everything right there by your side with quick easy access, no fuss, no muss. No wallet needed because everything is right there. There is a zipper pocket for your small items, tons of slip pockets to organize all your favorite things. Now that is just handy. There are two flaps, one on the inside. You can barely see it because I used the same fabric as the bag body it is has a Velcro closure and one on the front to close every thing in, this has a magnetic snap closure. If I was going to rate this pattern for my self to make with 10 being the hardest and 1 simple, I would give it a 5. It is more time consuming then anything due to all the pockets. But I feel as tho this bag is worth the time, everything is right there for you and you look oh so faaaaaaabulous!!
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MyBlog said...

I love the way. You put different compartments. This bag is very useful.