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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Black and white reversable tote bag

This bag is just fabulous. I love the style and fabric. First I have to tell you all about it and how it came to be. First I own a yahoo group " Bags to Brag About" I have over 1000 members who absolutely love making handbags. Well, periodically we have swaps. Where we make each other handbags and give them to each other. For this bag you are looking at is a part of a swap. In the beginning of the swap we exchange a list of questions that tell us just a little about our selves, nothing to personal. Then we send each other fabric, just enough to make the bag. In this case we are all using the same pattern. Well my partner sent me the black with white dots and the white with black dots. When I got the fabric I had no idea what I was going to do with it. So I brewed for a few days and I come up with the quilted strips. It came out wonderful but I wanted to go a step farther.

With that in mind the bag became revers able. LOVE IT!!! The black fabric I purchased. This is the front of the bag when it is turned. The bag has a button closure. The button is big and fun for the front of the first photo, the second is a little smaller, just a little more casual. The entire bag is free motion machine stitching, front and back.

So, the bag has to have a pocket. I made a large pocket that is divided in the center, so really you are getting two. Then I added a Velcro closure. :0)
Well I had extra material left over, I decided to make a purse organizer to go with it. This as well has a loop over a button closure. I think it makes the perfect accessorise to the bag.
On the top of the bag near the handle placement is pleated. This follows through on all sides of the bag, including the revers able side.
My favorite side, I have to say is the stripe quilted side. Top photo. I love it, it has class. It is funny with polka dots, you really can not add a lot to them, they speak for themselves. If you add to much to it, it tends to get a to busy. I think the perfect bag pattern suits the dots well. I am very excited and can not wait to send it on it's way. :0) I hope she likes it.

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