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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wine Tote Bag

This is a new item for me. I will be making wine tote bags. On the planner will be single and double wine bottle holders.
This specific one is made for a friend. It is a double bottle holder with a double handle strap. The bottom of this bag is hard so the bottles will not sag when you lift it. The fabric is a heavy weight tapestry with a tropical design. The liner is a matching olive green. It has a divider inside that is a plastic base and covered with the liner fabric. This is to protect the bottles from hitting one another.
The closure is three strips of distressed leather. They are fed threw another piece of leather. At the end are wood beads to keep the leather from slipping threw. Perfect accent piece for this fabric.
More styles and colors will be coming.

1 comment:

Maria D said...

Oh My Gosh Jackie ...Ilove this !!!

I myself made something for a single wine bottle !!!! I'll have to send you a pic soon. Its decorative for the season. Chat soon. luv- Maria in Texas