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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bridal Bags and such

I had a phone call the other night. A client requested that if I could make a bridal bib. I was a bit confused and had to ask why.. Normally I do not but considering the request I had to. It was intended to be a gag gift because the bride is a very very messy eater. lol.. :0) Well I just could not make it cheesy so I did what I could.
I actually like it. And so did she. I hand stitch a beautiful applique that I had and a few rose puffs with beaded accessory. The flowers are actually from a bridal gown. So it does has special meaning behind it. The outer trim is a delicate scroll. It ties in the back. The base fabric is a beautiful white brocade.

With the bib I could not just give that only so I made her a simple clutch that had a tie wrap around. It is done in the same brocade with an applique that I hand sewn on with beaded embellishing.

This is a close up of the applique. It is a simple bag to hold her lipstick, a tissue etc.... Just a few girlie things you need when you need to freshen up.

I love making bridal bags and have several to show. I will get to it eventually. The bridal bibs. I think that they could be something fun for babies that are in weddings or attending. I loved making it.


Maria D said...

Jackie !! Oh My Gosh. I LOVE your Bridal clutch. You are such an inspiration. Most importantly you are not threatened and share tips and ideas on how your create your handbags. thanks for being you. Luv - Maria

Anonymous said...

That bib and cluch are the most beautiful I have ever seen!!! totally awesome!